Management Made Easy!

Yes!  Our system allows you to manage multiple funds under multiple umbrellas.  Even with more than one configuration its all in one neat interface keeping you streamlined and at your most effective.

Yes!  When a sales person submits anything to the system it is tracked as them being the origin of the request.  After submission it goes to a rolling feed for the top-level system administrators to verify the data, push the action to the member, and the automated communication takes over from here.

Your sales staff have a very similar look to the top-level  administrator.  One of the more major differences is that every action is a request to the rolling feed and the sales staff are never the last point of contact before getting to the members’ inboxes.   This has proven to ensure a very controlled experience for your member, one click final approval for  your data ambassadors, and a two-factor authentication   before documents and/or communication goes out.

Yes.  Just like the way FedEx allows you to track your package, you are FedEx in this case.  Easy green check marks indicate the positioning of your member and disclose to you which point they are at in the process.

Yes. It is a neccessity to cater to the members ability to login, provide additional sensitive data, allow for them to track their progress and utilize the portal as a means of document distribution and availability.
Your members have a very similar look to the image on the left. The major difference is the amount of utility and information that is disclosed. One of the more major advantages to keeping look and feel similar is it increases the ability for staff to describe locations of data and overall support for your members becomes more manageable.
Yes. We use SMTP connections much like your email client (Outlook, Windows Mail,…). Its branded and shows all the signs that it is truly sent by you.
After completion of an electronic signing of an envelope the system notifies your administration chain with the appropriate information to understand who it was, when it was, and that the document is safely nested in the account or profile.
Envelope is a term used to identify one signing package sent once to your service provider that can contain as many pages and signatures you want. Much like an envelope in real life. Whatever can fit has one cost.
It really depends on how many signatures you pre-purchase for the year. It can range from around $3.00 to $5.00 per envelope. Much cheaper than driving to your member!

DocuSign.  Currently we only provide solutions that contribute to using DocuSign as a service provider for the signatures.  If you do not currently use DocuSign and use another provider please contact us to find out whether we can accommodate.

Yes.  Emails, login page, and all system pages have your logo in the top corner. When it comes to the software accent color we take the hex color directly from your logo. The example of this is the dark blue in the image to the left.

We have built in the capacity for a member to login and push their own required document as an envelope for electronic signature. If it is a new member we try to consolidate as much as possible into one envelope and automatically parse the documents upon return of the completion of signing. This way we can keep the cost of signing as low as possible.
Yes. For all data correspondence from the server to the browser and back we use SSL for secure transport. As for sensitive data we hash sha256 and utilize a salt key. ‘1234’ looks something like this in the database to the eye: bEU3NWZqYUlhK1JVUmc1d1F4WVdtZz09.
As for the number of concurrent users is a tough question. Based on our recommended starting server we theorize that there can be around 30 users doing intense and complicated functions at once on the server without it losing its reflex.